Monday, July 23, 2012

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Music Inspired Nail Art

Music has always been my ally, in my ups and downs. Listening to different types of music or songs that suits my mood, changes everything in a positive light. It also calms and relieves me from stress most of the time. And speaking of anti-stress... nail art is also one of the things that can easily keep my mind off things. So to start the busy week right, I'm going to show you what I've been doing to relieve myself from pressure and S-T-R-E-S-S.

Here's a music inspired nail art. I figured that since music and nail art keeps me from being consumed by stress, I'll need all the motivation and inspiration that I can get to battle this week's wave of STRESSFUL activities so why not combine my two POWER UPS in one. Hitting two birds with one stone, ey?
If you think music and nail art are your best weapons against pressure and challenges, then you should try this...

For this nail art design, all you have to do is put two coats of Regular White Nail Polish as base coat.

 Next, stamp the piano and music notes image using KONAD Image Plate M73.
(If you don't know what "stamping" means click here to know more about stamping nail art)

After stamping, don't forget to apply a top coat for a protective finish and shine.
Materials used for this nail art:
1. KONAD Regular Polish (White)
2. KONAD Special Polish (Black Pearl)
3. KONAD Image Plate M73
4. KONAD Top Coat

Now that that's done. I can't believe its time for me to attend to my school assignments which I have been trying to push off since I got home. Awwww, bummer! Anyways, better do it now than tomorrow. 

I'm in for a hell week! OH MY! Now that midterms, presentation reports and debate speeches are going to eat me up in 2 days without any luck on either one, my TWO IN ONE POWER-UPS better work well now. (I suddenly feel like CATWOMAN with awesome and sexy skills with my nails! HAHA :D Oh and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES movie is 10/10 thumbs up for me! Finally, I got to watch it.)

That's it for now guys! Goodluck with all your activities this week. :)
Have a good one!

What's your stress reliever? 
Are these two your "power ups" as well?


EmyAugustus said...

*gasp* that is gorgeous. Wow, I love it. I took piano lessons as a kid/teen but never really liked it (of course) however, I love piano music / the image of it. The detail those stamps give is amazing.

sharpasnails said...

Hi Yvonne! Thanks for dropping by! :) I took piano lessons too but I seldom play now unlike when I was younger. :) I'm posting another nail art soon. It's going to be more lively :)

Kat said...

Hi! Your blog is soooo cute. Hehe. I love that piano manicure. I need to try this sometime.

sharpasnails said...

Thanks! :D Yours too with all the colorful designs. just WOW! :) Can't wait for your next post.

yaksonhouse said...

Your post gave me a motivation cause I am also managing a nail art blog. So I think that would be great if we be a friend and communicate each other. Thx and have a nice day! :)

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