Thursday, June 21, 2012

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Orange Nail Polish and Orange for Colds

Hey there! I'm back. Hopefully I'm not too late for my Thursday post, it's almost midnight here in the Philippines. I'm here to share with you another nail polish swatch from Body Raves line.

Now you might be wondering why I picked the color orange. Well, its because I wanted to match the nail polish color with how my day went by.

Waking up today was a really bad start. I caught an awful cold and I was slightly feverish but I still had to go to school because of some important requirements which I have to attend to. When I got home from school around 4pm, I immediately rested and dozed off. I found myself waking up hungry for oranges and thought that it will also be good for me and my cold.

So here's the orange nail polish swatch from Body Rave.

I ate a bunch of oranges and while thinking of a blog post to write about...
I thought about making a nail polish swatch of an orange color since I was eating oranges then. :))
Isn't it pretty?

I almost finished all of the big oranges in our fridge and these oranges are MAGIC! MAGIC! MAGIC! It made me feel a lot better today and it made my fever go away. Vitamin C really does help your colds. Yeyyy! It made me well enough for me to write this blog post right now. :D [I actually want to make a habit of being faithful to my blog schedule :)]

Oh yes, I almost forgot. These oranges are sweet! Totally sweet like candies. :)) 
I made my sister taste these oranges first because I have a sweet-tongue and I hate any sour taste.

Guess I'll be craving for more oranges any time tomorrow.

Here's an artistic shot of my nails and the orange.
Credits to my sister for taking these pictures for me.

That's it for today. Oh ow, my colds are back again.
Gotta go and eat oranges. 'Til next time! :)

Doesn't this remind you of the 
book cover of Twilight?


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