Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Starting Over, Again (How To Start Blogging)

Hey guys! I don’t even know where to start. After weeks of imagining, days of reading, hours of dreaming and seconds of talking about non-sense, I can’t believe I am now writing my first blog post. At first, I was thinking whether to import the blog posts from my older blog (Designer Tips by Angela) or to start off fresh but I decided to choose the latter.

Instead of jumping right into the numerous things I can tell you about nail art, which I will be talking mostly about given that this, is partly 80% a nail art blog, I figured I might as well start with how I conceptualized and built this blog from the start.

And of course, give full credit to those blog authors who have helped my way through all the successful customization process.

So how did I really do it?

1. Know your GOAL & BE INSPIRED
There was no definite process really but I guess the very first thing I did was to clear my head and start to visualize my goal.  Knowing your goal is not that easy as it may seem but you don’t always have to follow it rigidly once you have one because you can always deviate from your original plan.    

Sometimes when you already have a concrete idea on how to do something, like for example, creating a blog, it raises up the bar of expectation since you want to make it different and somehow FRESH and BETTER.  Being accustomed to your usual perspective and ways of thinking, know that YOU CAN BREAK OUT OF IT and start anew as long you put your mind to it.

My older blog’s overall look, which I now deleted, was not something that I really thought about. I was very new to blogging then and I just decided that, “Well it’s not about the look anyway it’s more of the content” so I didn’t even bother customizing it.  If I remembered correctly, I just picked from the offered backgrounds and chose that of the ribbons because it got most of the colors that I like, chose some funky fonts and blogged to my heart’s content. Eventually, my blog faded and I lost inspiration to continue. I figured it was because everything was made out of proportion and that my blog didn’t look unified at all. Here I was talking about nail art and suddenly you see a background full of ribbons, whatttttt?!?! How can you connect that right? I thought if I can’t get my blog to look decent at least then what more the content.

So before I even started to design, even though I already have ideas in mind, I sought the help of those already experienced. I came across this wonderful blog called “Makin’ Cute Blogs ”

 and its first tip there was to GET INSPIRATION. As you scroll down the post, you’ll see the different layouts and designs of blogs that will make you even more inspired to make your blog look as good. 

Now one thing that all of them have in common is that everything was related and consistent from design to content and that become one of my goals in starting up my own blog.

2.Try something NEW while learning from the experts
I learned so many great tutorials from these blogs about designing and customizing the look and appeal of your own blog and I just kept exploring and trying out things until I get it right. From designing to sidebar and adding widgets to modifying the post footers. I really loved how you would think that it’s impossible to do but once you’ve tried you’ll find that it is actually pretty easy to implement once you are already familiar with the blog elements and of course web development in general.

Being a computer science student myself, I feel that it is not an option for me to just follow the instructions presented but it is a necessity as well to understand how things work.

Here the list of blogs that really helped me in designing my own.

3.Express YOURSELF
Lastly, once you have done the first two all you need is to express yourself. Don’t forget to add a touch of YOU in those designs and do not hesitate to explore yet still remaining to be faithful to your own goal and personality.

That’s it! Hopefully, you guys have learned something new :) You can also share your AWESOME blogs here. 

What do you think? 


Lyndsay Green said...

Great post! I too had a blog that I deleted, and I recently started a new one. I am hoping that getting started is the hardest part. :)

Sharp As Nails by Angela said...

@Lyndsay Green:

Hi Lyndsay, thanks for leaving a message. :)
I just checked out your blog and its pretty awesome. Nice layout and design too. :D

sharpasnails said...

Hi Lyndsay, thanks for leaving a message. :)
I just checked out your blog and its pretty awesome. Nice layout and design too. :D

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