Friday, June 15, 2012

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Yellow Mellow

Hi guys! This is a "substitute" post for today. I did this nail art first then made another one because I wasn't satisfied by the look. But as I was about to post the pictures and transfer it from my memory card to my laptop, BAM!

I lost the memory card which I clearly remembered was placed on my bed. I'm suspecting there's a supernatural thing going on here. :)) HAHA. Hopefully not. Scaryyyyy! I tried looking for it everywhere but I gave up after an hour. I even asked my Nanay to help me look for it but we still couldn't find it. I am hoping that tomorrow it shows up out of nowhere. I'm so frustrated because that memory card contains all the pictures I took from my second nail art creation.

If it doesn't show up tomorrow ;((
I'll just try to make another one.

Oh well, maybe it's not meant to be posted for tonight.

If you like squares and other geometric shapes, then you'll be fond of this nail art .

Want to see more pictures of this?

For this stamping nail art, I used:
1. KONAD Double Side Stamp, Image Plate Holder & Plastic Scraper 
2. KONAD Image Plate M61
3. KONAD Regular Polish: White (apply as base coat)
4. KONAD "Princess" Special Polish: Yellow (apply as design coat)
5. Etude "Jelly Pop" Top Coat 

KONAD Image Plate M61.

How to do it:
1. First apply two coats of White Regular Polish and let it dry.
2. Once it's dry, apply a generous amount of Yellow Special Polish on the desired image that you want on the image plate. Immediately, scrape off the excess special polish using a plastic scraper and get the image using the double side stamp.
3. Roll over the stamp on your nail and repeat steps 2-3 for each nail. Remember to clean the plastic scraper and image plate with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover before repeating steps 2-3.
4. Remove any excess polish on the sides of your fingernails using cotton buds soaked with nail polish remover.
5. Apply top coat for a long-lasting seal and shine.

Once you're done it will turn out like this.
Time for me to hit the sack. Too bad, I have to wake up early tomorrow :((. 
Hope you like it.
Have a great weekend guys!

Do you like yellow?


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