Thursday, June 28, 2012

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French Manicure Acrylic Nails

Hi guys! I know I'm way behind my blog post schedule due to unforeseen incidences. To make it up to you, I'll be sharing with you today the classic french manicure but what's different about this is its done with acrylic nails instead of the natural nail. 

After 5 days of searching and studying about acrylic nails, I was finally able to buy my own set. I was supposed to be taught by a nail professional but then time didn't allow it. I was in a hurry to get home then and the place where I bought my kit was a bit far from my place so I wasn't able to revisit it again for the tutorial. 

Happily after 3 hours of working on it, I was able to do my nails. Wipee!

What I think you should know about acrylic nails and its process...

Acrylic nails by definition "incorporates any procedure that lengthens, thickens or otherwise alters the appearance of the natural nail by artificial means.  These procedures include the application of tips, acrylic liquid and powder systems, gel systems, sculpting on a form, any type of fabric wrap or the application of a full pre-formed artificial nail.

There are many types of acrylic nails as mentioned above but the most common type is the one made out of Acrylic Liquid and Acrylic Powder. It has been the answer for most people who long for well-manicured hands. Not only don't they chip off, peel and crack, acrylic nails are also the perfect solution for longer nails without having to wait for weeks.
Despite its advantages, most of the first impressions on acrylic nails is that it damages the nail and it is unsafe for people who are applying them due to the toxic chemicals which are present in some of the materials. Even though it poses some health risks like infection, allergic reaction or nail breakage, most of these can be avoided if done properly. So before you try them, make sure that you look up on how to properly apply acrylic nails.

As for the process, I found it a bit tedious but I guess that's because it's my first time (first successful one). In actual, I think I tried putting on acrylic nails ever since I studied them was about 4-5 times. I found it really difficult but I couldn't help to keep on trying whenever I see videos of how acrylic nails are done. For amateurs like me, I think most people would give up on their first try but seeing those pretty nails after a successful try, the sense of fulfillment cannot be denied. 
Yes it is tedious at first because every nail has to be sculpted correctly and making a mistake will make or break your nails but once you get the hang of it you'll see yourself getting better and better. So in order to avoid those mistakes, take time to learn from the experts and read some articles if you can about acrylic nails and its process first before actually trying them out. Prepping up your nails, putting nail tips and getting a consistent bead ratio for sculpting the nail are only some of the important things you have to take note of when doing this.

I am not going to give you a long and boring lecture about acrylic nails because first, I am no expert at this and second, I only want to show you how mine turned out. [Isn't it so pretty? I am in love with these now.]

I will discuss acrylic nails in thorough hopefully in one of my future blog posts.

Have you ever tried acrylic nails? 


Cosmetology Student said...

Sculptured acrylics are done free-form without a tip, fully done with just the monomer and polymer (acrylic). Overlays (most commonly done//known about) are the glued on tip covered with either white and pink polymer or just clear polymer and a white or clear tip. O.P.I. actually makes an oder-less and 'tack-free' system that can be used if the smell is bothersome, but most just use the smelly stuff (its better anyways). Sculptured nails are the hardest thing to do for most people (probably why most people just do overlays). Acrylic is fun, but definitely a challenge.

sharpasnails said...

I agree. It's really hard to start with free forms when using acrylic especially when you're just beginning to learn about the process. Imagine it took me more than an hour to create this overlay acrylic. It was really a new thing for me that I just had to try myself. :)

Anamul said...

Gel nail designs are also the choice for expectant women who wonder how fast and easily to acrylic nail designs. This is because of the fact that these gels are primarily odourless and flexible. Hence, you can easily add to the beauty of your nails even in your pregnancy without worrying about toxicity.

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