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Purple Spotted Cow Print

I have great news guys! The memory card which I lost last night, finally showed up. [I still believe that a supernatural being was behind it. Yikes!] As mentioned in my previous post, I already turned my room upside down to look for the memory card but awhile ago as I was getting my camera, because I wanted to check the battery compartment, the memory card dropped out of who-knows-where. [By the way, my camera isn't the one where the battery and the memory card is in the same compartment. Freaky, that it literally just fell out from sky?] I'm so happy now that I got the pictures back.

More stamping nail art tips and tricks for you! :D

If you guys were able to see my previous post, I inserted a sneak peek picture for this nail art which I took via my phone. Now you'll be able to see the nail art clearer. Wipee!

Ever wondered if there was an alternative for cracking nail polishes?

Well here it is!

I've tried two cracking or crackle nail polishes so far and here are some of its pros and cons. 
What's good about cracking nail polishes is once you've applied them you just have to wait for "magic" to happen. No need to worry on how it will look because each nail will end up having a unique cracking pattern. Also, it works great on any type of polish whether it maybe be sand polish or your ordinary one. However, you might find it difficult if you wish to control the cracking pattern which means if you wish to make the cracks wider or more rigid. [I'll probably post a tutorial on how to control the gaps or cracks for crackle nail polishes in the future. :) ] Also, it tends to chip off easily or maybe it depends on the type of crackle nail polish used.

If you want out, there is another way to make a cracking nail art effect.

For this nail art I used:

1. KONAD Double Side Stamp, Image Plate Holder & Plastic Scraper 
2. KONAD Image Plate M61
3. KONAD Regular Polish: White (apply as base coat)
4. KONAD "Princess" Special Polish: Yellow & KONAD Special Polish: Dark Violet 
   (apply as design coat)
5. KONAD  Top Coat
6. Tape

KONAD Image Plate M61

So let's begin!
First, apply two coats of White Regular Polish and let it dry to act as the base coat. 

Then once it's dry, apply a generous amount of Yellow Special Polish on the desired image that you want on the image plate. Immediately, scrape off the excess special polish using a plastic scraper and get the image using the double side stamp. Just roll over the stamp on your nail and repeat steps 2-3 for each nail. 
This is how it will look.
Don't worry if your stamping isn't that perfect, it will be covered later by a darker print.
I gave this nail art a splash of yellow to make it brighter. :D
Notice the big cracks? Fill them by stamping over the same pattern.

TIP: Put tape on the sides of your finger nails. 
Why? Since the pattern is square the whole pattern won't fit your nail bed. 
So, this means that there will be excess on the sides. Since you'll be using a darker color (dark violet)
this will be a good way to prevent smearing or leaving a smudge on the sides of your finger nails.
Usually, dark colors like black, blue, red, violet and others leaves dirty marks even when removed
by a nail polish remover or acetone.

Here is where the magic happens, once you've taped all the sides of your fingernails. Stamp the pattern using a Dark Violet Special Polish over the yellow pattern. Remember to clean the plastic scraper and image plate with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover before each stamping.
You can see that the tape acquired the excess polish instead of the sides of your finger nails.
This also saves you some nail polish remover and time in removing the excess.
Once you're done, just remove the tape.

Apply top coat for a long-lasting seal and shine.
To prevent smudging of the dark colored design, use KONAD Top Coat.
If you don't have one just wait about 5-10 minutes for the design to settle.
Apply a generous amount of your top-coat.

TIP: When applying your top coat, don't let the brush touch the nail.
Also, don't swipe more than twice over each nail to prevent smudging.

Now, you have a semi-crack nail art effect or a purple spotted cow design.

Which one do you prefer crack nail polish or
this alternative?


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